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Anglais Americain

English Course in Bordeaux

* Course description:

Cours assurés par une professeurs de langue maternelle anglaise - moi!
Vous progressez à votre rythme, Votre suivi est individuel ou groupe. La langue s'apprend en pratiquant! L'immersion et la frequence guarantie du succes! Selon vos besoins - professional, voyage, examen - on va reussir!

Native english speaker with an american accent. I help you progress at your own rhythm Languages are learned by practicing and immersion! Frequency guarantees success. Whatever your needs are, my expertise will help you achieve success - professional, travelling, for an exam - we will succeed!

* Teaching approach:

My teaching experience enables me to easily assess my students strengths and weaknesses and help to build it up. I make english lessons fun - english with a smile and a laugh! People learn better if they enjoy doing it! I have both a science and language academic background - but in my head I'm the opposite - I can approach both schools of thought and understand learning from an academic and cultural perspective.

* Places where you can take this course:

- Coffee shop: starbucks
Quai des Marques, quai des chartrons, 33300 Bordeaux

- Public place: quai des marques
Quai des Marques, quai des chartrons, 33300 Bordeaux

- Library: biblioteque du jardin publique
1 Place Bardineau, 33000 Bordeaux

- A public place you suggest (Bordeaux)

- At home (Bordeaux)

- In your office (Bordeaux)

- Online: Skype

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